Enlargement of the tank capacity for Isopropylalcohol (IPA) Pharma –GMP-

With immediate effect CG can provide a 30 m³ tank for IPA according to the purity criteria set for Ph. Eur.  

Our business partners benefit from the enlargement as we can now assure shorter delivery times.

Regarding the process of filling ,decanting and also the indication and release of this product at our facilities in Laatzen , we hold the GMP- certificate for IPA. This certificate has been issued and prepared by the competent Commercial Regulatory Authority of Lower Saxony. Furthermore, we provide a batch specific anayse certificate approved and inspected in our laboratory for each delivery. The complete order processing for this product whichincludes a suppliers batch specific system of traceability, is conducted by ourselves . The requirements are prescribed by the above mentioned authorities and are based on the EU GMP guidelines which serve to ensure continuous product quality.  

Our IPA Ph. EUR is available in following  package sizes:

Canister à 10 ltr. / 20 ltr. /      30 ltr.
Drum à 55 ltr. und 155 kg
IBC à 760 kg
Further special packagings on request

We are at your disposal if we have awakened your interest.

Your contact:

Marco Regel Product Manager

Tel: +49 511 87803146

Mail: Marco.Regel(@)CG-Chemikalien.de