Pandemic Coronavirus | update 20. March 2020

Information on possible delivery delays, bottlenecks or cancellations and price increases due to the pandemic

The outbreak of SARS CoV-2, first in China and now also in Europe, poses unprecedented challenges for people and companies alike. 

At CG Chemicals we work tirelessly every day to ensure that your company is supplied reliably and on time with the products you want and need for your operations. Normally we also achieve this, mainly thanks to our careful planning, the great commitment of our employees and the reliability of our selected suppliers. 

Due to the current situation, however, we are increasingly confronted with the prospect of not being able to fulfill all our contractual delivery obligations to you as we normally would. 

The entire pandemic, but especially the border closures that have been implemented in recent days, make delivery delays, bottlenecks or cancellations and price increases likely. In the case of products of foreign origin or those manufactured from foreign raw materials, and in the case of products that are currently much in demand for the production of disinfectants, there is a particularly high likelihood that we will no longer be able to supply you as usual. We have already been informed by our competent regulatory authority that the supply of medicines must be ensured.

Even with all due care, such serious events were not foreseeable, let alone avoidable, for us as your supplier.

This may mean that we will not be able to supply you at all or not completely as contractually agreed, without this being the fault of CG Chemikalien. As a precautionary measure, we would therefore like to inform you that, if necessary, we will exercise the rights to which we are contractually or legally entitled in the event of force majeure.

We hope for your understanding and that all of us together will get through the upcoming challenges as best we can.


Yours sincerely

U. Klass              P. Klass