VCH: Annual Report of the Responsible Care-programme 2017

The Responsible Care Programme of the VCH contains a submission of an annual account of the „indicators for measuring performance". 

Here is an overview of the most important statements: 

In May 2017, 71 companies participated in the RC-programme of the VCH.

Of the 132 operational plants covered, 49 of these locations have their own warehouse with filling operations. In these 49 operational sites with their own warehouse and filling facilities, 2,473 million tonnes of chemicals were transshipped. Here, 58 accidents occurred. This represents an accident for every 42,368 tonnes of chemicals handled in 2016.

The number of accidents at work requiring notification was 142 last year. Only 22 of the 142 had a chemical industry-specific context.  

For the 25 companies who run their own vehicle fleet (in total 349 HGV), there were 36 road traffic accidents in 2016. In comparison with the total number of kilometres travelled, around 19 million km, this corresponds to an accident every 528,000 km.

Here are the detailled information about the VCH annual report of the Responsible Care-programme.

Your contact for Responsible Care:

Heike König
Tel: +49-511 87803 - 164