Food Additives and Nutritional Supplements

CG complements the food and beverage industries with high quality Food Additives and Nutritional Supplements. Our portfolio offers more than 300 different additives, which are stored, filled and distributed under HACCP-conditions. Every product is subject to batch management and can be traced back entirely from manufacturing to end customer. Upon arrival, each additive undergoes detailed analysis and testing in our lab before being approved and stored in our facility. A selection of halal- and kosher-certified products provide perfect additions to our product portfolio.

With our diverse range of products and further 3,200 pallet spaces, CG provides its customers with optimal one-stop-shopping-possibilities. Our capabilities go far beyond storage and distribution: our innovative building complex offers optimal conditions for the processing of Food Additives.

We can offer the following services for the nutrition sector:

  • weighing and mixing of solids
  • filling (i.e. from Big Bags) and repacking of solids into containers from 5 kg up to 60 kg (smaller containers can be filled on request)
  • sieving / classification of powders and granulate materials (particle sizes from 0,5 to 10 mm)
  • milling and classification of solids (particle sizes from 200 μm to 3 mm)
  • filling of liquid media in filling stations for IBCs, barrels and small containers

Of note: the services mentioned above are realised under GMP clean room conditions. In addition Water for Injection and Purified Water (AP) are available for mixtures of liquid products. Thus, a maximum of cleanliness and quality is guaranteed.

Feeding Stuff

Our experts at CG have been engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of feed additives and feed materials for more than a decade.

We have an authorisation in accordance with (EG) No. 183/2005. With the registration of the appropriate alpha number, we have the approval to distribute, store and transport feed materials and feed additives. According to the regulations of the Niedersächsisches Landesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit (State office for consumer protection and food safety in Lower Saxony), our staff proceeds with exceptional accuracy and care.

Feeding stuff has to be carefully produced, stored and transported, because it is applied at the top of the human food chain. All raw materials used for the production of feeding stuff are precisely inspected and examined. Similarly to our entire product range, we guarantee our customers seamless quality controls in the feeding stuff sector.

Kosher / Halal

In 2013, under supervision and inspection of a rabbi from the certification company Star-K, it was confirmed that 27 of our products fulfill the criteria of Kosher. Our range of kosher-certified products is constantly being expanded. Today, our portfolio includes more than 89 kosher products, along with their filling and storage.

Since October 2017 we are also certified for Halal. The certification company Halal Quality Control (HQC) has confirmed for more than 90 of our products that every required standard regarding Halal is entirely fulfilled. Our efforts to take the Muslim lifestyle into consideration and offer halal compliant products remain tied to high requirements, which we fulfill, maintaining constant dialogue with HQC. The renowned certification company has received its accreditation from the new ESMA agency, expanding its area of influence from the United Arab Emirates to all Gulf States. Furthermore, HQC has officially been added to the Indonesian MUI-list.