The basis of our successful trade business are qualified and sustainable supply sources. When selecting our supply partners we therefore attach great attention to quality, economy and continuity. Thus, we can guarantee our customers maximum security of supply, verified quality and documents as well as competitive prices.

Among our suppliers are globally active producers and traders but also specialists whose expert knowledge can fill every niche of chemical applications. Thanks to this mixture we are able to fulfill a vast spectrum of extremely diverse customer requests. In the best interest of our customers, the trade buyers at CG Chemikalien make good use of this potential which is the foundation of our versatile portfolio.

You can find a list of our supply partners here

PENTA Cooperation

We are a member of PENTA and thus part of a powerful procurement association that relies on cooperation instead of concentration. Its eleven associates, among which CG Chemikalien has been since 1975, have created the foundation for a strong cooperation. The pooling of material requirements and joint purchasing boost the competitive capability of the PENTA partners.

The PENTA Chemikalien GmbH & Co. KG based in Mainaschaff near Frankfurt is a conglomerate of medium-sized, independent chemicals distributors. It concentrates the experience, competence and interests of its more than 60 partners at more than 80 locations all over Europe. With our share of 12.5 percent, CG Chemikalien is among the majority shareholders of PENTA, which has been established as a strong and reliable service provider. Our contractors and partners profit from the versatility of the vast PENTA network, enabling us to reach more than 130,000 customers.