A high level of care and sensitivity is an integral part of our company's policy. Regarding the current hazard guidelines we adhere to the following eight principles of safety:

  1. Safe system operation has a high significance for us and, in case of possible hazards within or outside our premises, is prioritized over commercial interests.
  2. All equipment related measures are aimed at compliance with and retention of our current state of safety engineering.
  3. Through technical and organizational measures, the handling of our products is fashioned in such a way that the effects of disruptions of normal operation as well as hazardous incidents for our staff, the neighborhood and the environment remain as minor as possible.
  4. In order to prevent hazardous incidents, our facilities are built professionally and operated by accordingly trained and instructed personnel. Every change of an existing facility is preceded by systematic planning and preparation.
  5. Possible hazard sources in our surrounding area are included in the hazard protection program.
  6. Regular instructions and safety training regarding the intended operation and conduct in hazardous situations aim at the prevention of misconduct of our staff.
  7. CG Chemikalien actively and cooperatively seeks the cooperation with the authorities and external relief units in the segment of hazard prevention.
  8. Our staff is instructed to report all known and potential hazard sources to their respective supervisors or hazardous incidents officers.