Activated Carbons

Our product range includes a broad spectrum of high-quality extruded, granulated or pulverized activated carbon so that we are able to meet the requirements of our customers and many application ranges. Activated carbons are environmentally safe and recyclable. They are applied in numerous processes which are used to solve environmental problems – in the industrial as well as the municipal area. Examples for regular application areas are: odor removal, solvent recovery, biogas treatment, gas purification, waste water treatment, process water purification. In cooperation with the well-known manufacturer Donau Carbon we distribute more than 100 different types of activated carbons.


Application examples:

  • HYDRAFFIN® Water treatment
  • DESOREX® Air and gas purification, flue gas purification
  • SUPERSORBON® Solvent recovery
  • CARBOPAL® Pulverized carbon for the treatment of liquids in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry and the food and beverage industry
  • EPIBON® Granulated carbon for the treatment of liquids in percolation
  • ALCARBON® Special applications (e.g. automobile cabin filters, drinking water filters, cigarette filters, etc.)
  • KOMBISORB® Flue gas purification
  • Filtriplus - Filter material for water treatment
  • OXORBON® Removal of hydrogen sulfide
  • CONTARBON® Catalysis