CG Chemikalien also excels in the rapidly expanding automotive sector as a reliable supplier and service provider. We are an attractive research and development partner with in-house application technology and an on-site lab. Thanks to these ideal conditions we cooperate nationally as well as internationally with a number of automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers. In the automotive sector, our experts at CG Chemikalien develop individual concepts and solutions, based on long-term competency, expert knowledge and state-of-the-art analytical methods. Thanks to our VDA 6.1 certification, we know what is important to our customers. Our water chemistry department is very familiar with the complex topic of water treatment. And as an experienced filling plant with top-modern equipment we can serve as competent advisors whenever both safe and effective filling and logistics are needed.

We supply our automotive customers – among other things – with these products:

Automotive products

  • windscreen cleaners (winter / summer / readymix / 1:100 concentrate)
  • radiator antifreeze (Glysantin®)
  • brake cleaners
  • wheel rim cleaners (P3 Neutracare® products)
  • hand cleansers (P3 Manuvo® products)
  • oil sorbents (Ascal products / Penta / Sorbix)
  • cold cleaners (Isopar™ / cleaning solvent / Pentasol 100 L / P3 Glin® / P3 Industrial Fa)
  • engine cleaners (P3 Grato12 / P3 Grato 80 / engine compartment cleaners)
  • workshop cleaners (P3 Glin products / P3 Industrial Fa)
  • wax sweeping compounds
  • paint coagulation agents (P3 Croni® types)
  • petroleum
  • diluting agents
  • circulation fluids (circular piping / bell flushing systems)
  • de-icing salt / split / magnesium chloride and solution / CG Tech 1.6
  • coolant lubricant emulsions (P3 Multan® 77-4 – bactericide-free for steel and aluminum and P3 Multan® 71-2 for general machining)
  • flocculation agents (Sachtoklar®)
  • pH regulators
  • medium for car cleaning (CG Tens 5001)
  • gasket installation aids (mono propylene glycol)
  • impregnating agents (SEM 01)