Cooling brines / Heat transfer fluids

Antifrogen® products, which are also a part of our product line, are gaining more and more importance. They are very versatile heat transfer fluids based on glycols (Antifrogen® N, Antifrogen® L and Antifrogen® SOL HT) or potassium formate (Antifrogen® KF) and also an investment in the future. Modern cooling and heating systems must operate effectively, be compatible with as many materials as possible, minimize the risk of leakage and run failure-free.

The efficiency of heating systems with solar collectors also depends strongly on which medium protects them from frost, corrosion and overheating. The cooling brines and heat transfer fluids in our portfolio have been developed in cooperation with leading manufacturers and protect their surroundings from corrosion and fatigue. We offer our customers numerous water-medium mixtures – starting from the smallest container with 25 liters via the 1000 liter Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) up to the 9000 liter demountable tank.