Our network would not be complete without an internationally experienced partner like Evonik. Especially customers in growing markets like the cosmetics industry, paint industry and the electronics industry are dependent on silicon dioxides, matting agents based on silicon dioxides or synthesized precipitated silicon oxides and silicates. AEROSIL® for example excels in a variety of applications. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic silicon dioxides can be used in make-up, silicon gaskets but also in coatings for automobiles or luxury boats. In cooperation with Evonik we also offer our customers ACEMATT®. This silicon dioxide based matting agent is of fundamental importance for the production of coatings and their surfaces. The special silicon dioxides SIPERNAT®.

Additionally, we have different Evonik-types avaible for our customers, who want a simplified or dust-free incorporation - as dispersion (AERODISP®) or granulated (AEROPERL®). Our experts advise you on the wide range of possible applications and solutions for the individual specialty chemicals, and, if required, provide samples.