Because optimal cleaning processes require first-class CHCs and modified alcohols in the SAFE-TAINER system, our product line would not be complete without these products. Our partner SAFECHEM Europe GmbH has specialized in the production of chlorinated solvents like perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene and methylene chloride and unchlorinated alternatives. We are happy to pass on our supplier's long-term experience and professional know-how to our customers. Dissolvents play a special role in the aeronautics industry, the automotive industry, the medical industry, the textile industry as well as in the cleaning of measuring instruments and optical instruments. In these segments, SAFECHEM's high-quality products permit smooth and safe processing. CG Chemikalien covers the reliable distribution, filling, storage and safe transport for which closed-circuit systems with special double-walled safety containers (barrel-in-container system) are used. They permit an emission-free transfer of chlorinated and unchlorinated CHCs for the sustainable protection of man and environment.

SAFE-TAINER™ is a Trademark of the SAFECHEM Europe GmbH.