The safe handling of chemicals demands a high degree of accuracy and care from all involved producers, distributors and importers. REACH is a decree of the European Union, issued on July 1, 2007 that regulates the registration, evaluation and certification of chemicals. Since then, roughly 30,000 materials have been registered with the European Chemicals Agency in Helsinki. Additionally, very sensitive materials remain subject to an official regulatory procedure in order to prevent damages to health or the environment.

REACH makes sure that the chemical industry is aware of their responsibility in handling hazardous materials. Of course, CG Chemikalien is among those companies that guarantee safe processing of materials and products at all times and is able to present the necessary measures to the authorities. All chemicals produced or stored at our company site have been registered according to EU chemical laws. As a wholesaler we are an important link between producers and consumers and feel obliged to execute the registrations governed by REACH as well as support our business partners in doing so.


Further information available as download:
Info-Letter of CG Chemikalien regarding REACh