Production - § 13 AMG

Our team puts great emphasis on first-class quality. We feel obliged to satisfy the highest demands, one of the keys to the success of CG Pharma & Nutrition.

In August 2017 we received the manufacturing authorisation in accordance with section 13 of the Arzneimittelgesetz (German Drug Law). An inspection of the Gewerbeaufsichtsamt Hannover (trade supervisory board) has confirmed that we fulfill all relevant quality and safety requirements. The manufacturing authorisation granted under section 13 of the Arzneimittelgesetz (German Drug Law) permits us to manufacture pharmaceutical precursors and finished bulk products in the new cleanrooms in compliance with GMP.

Part of the procedure to grant us our manufacturing authorisation involved an inspection of our new production and storage facility. It was confirmed that we manufacture and test our pharmaceutical raw materials under GMP-guidelines. The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a set of guidelines and quality assurance measures concerning the pharmaceutical excipients and active pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) segments. The first inspection of our premises according to article 111 (1) of the guideline 2001/83/EG (§64 Arzneimittelgesetz) was already in 2007, giving us over ten years of experience in manufacturing APIs.

Additionally, in April 2014, we proved compliance with the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) for the trading of APIs used as starting materials for medicinal products and granted the appropriate certificate from the Gewerbeaufsicht Hannover (trade supervisory board).

You can download the certificates here:

Kosher / Halal

Kosher products complement the diverse portfolio of CG Pharma & Nutrition. In 2013, under supervision and inspection of a rabbi from the certification company Star-K, it was confirmed that 27 of our products fulfill the criteria of Kosher. Our range of kosher-certified products is constantly being expanded. Today, our portfolio includes more than 89 kosher products, along with their filling and storage.

Since October 2017 we are also certified for Halal. The certification company Halal Quality Control (HQC) has confirmed for more than 90 of our products that every required standard regarding Halal is entirely fulfilled. Our efforts to take the Muslim lifestyle into consideration and offer halal compliant products remain tied to high requirements, which we fulfill, maintaining constant dialogue with HQC. The renowned certification company has received its accreditation from the new ESMA agency, expanding its area of influence from the United Arab Emirates to all Gulf States. Furthermore, HQC has officially been added to the Indonesian MUI-list.

You can download the certificates including our kosher and halal products here: