Single Sourcing

We are happy to serve our customers as main contact and supply channel for their raw materials. On request, our team develops a concept for optimizing procurement processes. In an area of roughly 50,000 square meters, CG Chemikalien stores about 2,500 different products and an average stock of 7,500 metric tons.

We have storage capacities for 7,500 pallets, numerous storing positions for solids and specialty products as well as tank volumes of roughly 4,200 m³ for acids, bases and solvents.

More advantages at a glance:

  • Thanks to the purchase of large amounts with single suppliers, we are offered favorable purchase prices.
  • Growing trust supersedes hedge transactions. In the framework of long-term business partnerships, orders can be carried out as routine transactions.
  • We reduce negotiation, communication and logistics expenses in purchasing, especially when framework contracts are concluded
  • In the case of supply bottlenecks, special requests, handling of rush orders and defects or disturbances of service quality, we as a wholesaler are treated preferentially for the benefit of our customers